artist’s statement 2016

April 16, 2010


hamm Pink Bed Mixed Media on canvas 20 x 30

My work is mixed-media.  I start with a drawing or a sketch, and paint, glue and tape, then, sometimes, scan the whole thing into my computer and add layers and texture. My work is both figurative and abstract, as well as something in between. My big influences are Eva Hesse, Kiki Smith, Robert Rauschenberg, Egon Schiele, Diane Arbus and Camelia Garcia Rose, as well as the whole host of artists seen regularly in Juxtapoz. I’m fascinated with the female and the grotesque — and attempt to represent it from different angles, using different images, colors and ideas. I use a lot of pink, because it scares me. Frankenstein is my favorite book; it’s so melodramatic, dark and visceral — and at its center, there’s that horrible betrayal: a father looking at his new son and running away. I try to build things that make people turn away, and then turn back.

My artwork has been used as book covers for the following presses and journals: coconut books, Plain View Press, Storm Cellar, Ghost Road Press, Blazevox, Mayapple Press, Small Poem Press, The Homestead Review and The Private Press.

My paintings and collages have also been featured in galleries and cafes all across New York City.